Darkhouse — One week in…

Well, it’s been one week since Dark­house went on sale. This may have been the longest week ever. There’s some­thing so… anti-climatic about finally pub­lish­ing your work. All the months (years, actu­ally) of antic­i­pa­tion, sweat, blood, tears and then… now what? Luck­ily, I imme­di­ately left for a week of music and friends in San Fran­cisco, so I wasn’t left alone at home and ana­lyz­ing my book sales (which by the way, ain’t too shabby, considering).

Any­way, I’ll be back to being a pro­mot­ing machine as soon as I return home. But for now, I’m just kick­ing back and enjoy­ing the “down time.” And cool moments, such as the photo above, where Shan­non, the swell bar­tender at Polk Street bar Blur, asked to buy a copy of the book — so as long as I signed it. And sign it I did (hope you like it, Shan­non!). Actu­ally, I’ve been sell­ing a lot of in per­son copies. Sign­ing them for cer­tain peo­ple has been quite sur­real. And silly :)

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