The Devil’s Reprise OUT NOW — The Devil’s Metal 99 cents!

The Devil's Reprise SMALLSo the Devil’s Reprise releases tomor­row — NO WAIT IT RELEASES TODAY!!! Early sur­prise lol. It’s live on AMAZON right now and at all other retail­ers tomor­row, Oct 29th.

This is the sec­ond book– and the last book– in this series. The Devil’s Metal will be 99 cents so that’s some­thing you may want to snap up while you can!

First, some reviews from The Devil’s Reprise Blog Blitz:

Read­ing Books Like a Boss says: “I’ve read a lot of other rock star books, but Sage Knightly is eas­ily one of the sex­i­est and most allur­ing fic­tional rock gods.  Not only is he incred­i­bly tal­ented (in more ways than one), he will go to hell and back to pro­tect the woman he loves. ”

One of the BEST parts of The Devil’s Reprise (aside from the steamy sex scenes) was the bone-chilling, spooky scenes.  This book con­tains the scari­est imagery Karina Halle has ever writ­ten.”


Read­ing is my Breath­ing says:

Karina Halle doesn’t beau­tify any­thing in this book. Sex­ual orgies of drugged rock stars? Graphic. Depres­sive thoughts of char­ac­ters? No cen­sor­ship. Espe­cially when it comes to Sage’s POV. It was really piti­ful to wit­ness Sage’s behav­iour at the begin­ning. It was break­ing my heart to see this man so sad, so des­per­ate, so bro­ken. He wasn’t deal­ing with his past very well…

I think that The Devil’s Reprise may be the sex­i­est and most spicy book by Karina Halle so far. I’m not sure if it was elec­tri­fy­ing chem­istry between Sage and Dawn or the fact that hero is one hot rock­star god. But I’m 100% sure that this book is able to set things on fire with its level of hotness!”


And finally, a creepy pre-Halloween teaser

Jacob got up and leaned across the table, look­ing every­one in the eye. “Then you’re dis­missed.” He banged the table with his fist and walked away.

Christ on a cracker,” Garth said under his breath. He watched Jacob go in fear. He was a skinny lit­tle dude with eyes too big for his head. He seemed like an all right guy, even though he was young and skit­tish. His key­board skills were stel­lar, which was all I needed from him. “Is he always like that?”

Jacob runs a tight ship,” I explained to him while out of the cor­ner of my eye I caught Dawn and Max get­ting up together and leav­ing. I was struck with a burst of incur­able jeal­ousy and had to swal­low it down.

I can see that,” Garth said. “Guess it was true that Hybrid was a bit of a wild band.”

My head snapped toward him, my jaw auto­mat­i­cally tens­ing. “Don’t even men­tion Hybrid,” I growled, my voice low. “This isn’t Hybrid. It never will be. This is my band, my show. Got it?”

Garth nod­ded quickly, his eyes even wider than before. He turned his atten­tion back to his food, his shak­ing hand reach­ing for his cof­fee cup. I sat back and ran my fin­gers through my hair, exhal­ing slowly. Nice start to the morn­ing. I was all over the damn map and prac­ti­cally scar­ing my new bandmates.

I grabbed a piece of toast, excused myself from the table before I became even more of an ass, and took off for my room. The rick­ety open-caged ele­va­tor had freaked me out when I rode it the other day, so instead I took the stairs, paus­ing to catch my breath at the fourth floor. Shit, if going up stairs was mak­ing me winded, I didn’t know how I was going to han­dle the show tonight.

You’re not going to han­dle it, the voice inside my head said. You’re going to fail because you can’t han­dle any of this on your own.

I closed my eyes, my arm rest­ing on the rail­ing, and tried to make the voices shut up.

I have another mes­sage for you.”

I opened my eyes at the whis­pered words and looked for the source. At the end of the hall, just beneath one of the sconce light fix­tures, was a very short fig­ure, a woman who couldn’t have been taller than five feet. Her sil­hou­ette was heavy­set, flabby, and though I couldn’t see her face but for her gleam­ing eyes, I had a feel­ing she was ugly as sin.

Excuse me?” I asked, tak­ing a moment to real­ize she spoke per­fect Eng­lish, though her accent was still for­eign. Russ­ian, maybe.

I have another mes­sage for you,” the woman repeated in her strangely monot­one voice. Then she turned around, and I noticed her wide body had been hid­ing a maid’s cart.

It all clicked. This was the house­cleaner who wrote on my mirror.

I walked off after her, more annoyed than anything.

You wrote on my mir­ror,” I said accus­ingly as she stopped and slowly looked at me. I came to a halt, put off by her eyes, which were so heav­ily lid­ded I could barely see her irises. She was all ele­phan­tine jowls and cheeks, hair gath­ered at the top like a cow took a shit on her head. Ugly as sin was right.

She stared at me—at least I think she was star­ing at me; it was hard to tell—and then she said, “Oh, yes. You. I have another mes­sage for you.”

A mes­sage from whom?” The lights flick­ered in the hall. “What did that mean, ‘be care­ful what she wished for’? Who is ‘she’?”

She shook her head sharply, to the left, the right, the skin under her jaw jig­gling. “I don’t know. I only pass on the messages.”

I folded my arms. “Then tell me who told you?”

She smiled, and I tried not to gri­mace at her miss­ing canines. Jesus, what was the hotel think­ing hir­ing this char­ity case? “The dark man with the white face. He tells me in my sleep.”

Okay. I blinked hard and rubbed my fore­head. Too many drugs, not enough sleep.

She went on, “He says to tell you it will all end when she appears.”

I don’t think you know what you’re talk­ing about, but I’d appre­ci­ate it if you stayed away from my room,” I said, try­ing to bury the uneasi­ness in my voice. “I’ll report you if you try and talk to me again.”

The dark man won’t care,” she said, turn­ing around to con­tinue to push her cart. “He will find her once she’s been given every­thing she wants, and it will all start all over again.”

I had to reach out and grab the edge of her cart. “Is the girl here? Is he talk­ing about Dawn? The red­head? Can you at least tell me that much?”

She watched me for a few ago­niz­ing beats before I caught the slight­est nod of her head. “There is noth­ing you can do. Noth­ing you can do but watch.”

Had this crazy shit hap­pened to me a year or two ago, I wouldn’t have a believed a word this woman said. I’d say she’s an obvi­ous men­tal case who dreams of Satan vis­it­ing her in her dreams. But now I knew better.

Please,” I begged, feel­ing fool­ish, help­less. “You have to tell me more. Who are you?”

I am Tatiana,” she said, her accent thick­en­ing. “I work here.”

She began to push her cart away while I heard Tricky call out, “Sage!”

I turned to look at him, want­ing to go after Tatiana, the crazy ele­phant lady, but Tricky was already run­ning down the hall­way toward me.

You almost ready? We have to go,” he said.

I watched Tatiana and her cart rum­ble around the cor­ner and out of sight.

Sage,” Tricky repeated. I finally looked over at him. He frowned. “You all right, man? You’re look­ing kind of pale.”

I wiped a layer of sweat off my fore­head and tried to slow my heart rate. The creepy feel­ing held on to my bones. I had to talk to Dawn. “I’m all right. Is it that time already?”

Tricky nod­ded. “Yes—well, no, but we have to get our clothes and every­thing together for tonight. We have to coor­di­nate our out­fits, don’t you think?”

I gave him a funny look. Rob­bie was like that, too, when we played shows. Fig­ures that Tricky would be dis­play­ing front-man ten­den­cies. “You know what I wear: black. I go with what­ever crazy thing you’re going to squeeze your balls into.”

He grinned. “Bright orange vel­vet jumpsuit.”

I shook my head. “My God.”

And plat­form Alice Cooper boots.”

Tricky put his hand on my shoul­der and turned me around, lead­ing us back to our rooms while yam­mer­ing on about what he was think­ing about for the next night. Some­thing tight and ter­ri­ble. I’d stopped lis­ten­ing as we passed Dawn’s room. I needed to talk to her, even though she didn’t want to talk to me.

Sage, we don’t have time,” Tricky said seri­ously as he noted my gaze glued to her door. “This is a big deal for you, whether you want to admit it or not. This is a big deal for your fans. We can’t mess this up, and I don’t want to mess it up for you. You need a clear head, you got it?”

I was sur­prised at the sin­cer­ity in his voice, that he was actu­ally tak­ing this seri­ously for once.

I nod­ded reluc­tantly. “Okay. Let’s get ready.”

I left Dawn’s door, think­ing I could hear her shuf­fling around on the other side. Still that bar­rier between us.