Why I Left Goodreads (for now)

Okay, if you’re on my Goodreads, you will see this post. That’s because my blog posts pop up on the feed there…even if I’m not on Goodreads myself.

So, I left Goodreads for the time being — time being could be a long time but I’m not swear­ing off the site all together, I’m not stick­ing a fin­ger up at it or any­thing. This has noth­ing to do with cen­sor­ship or peo­ple being par­tic­u­larly “mean” but rather antic­i­pa­tion of peo­ple mak­ing me cry, even if they don’t mean to — if that makes any sense.

You see, deep down I am a frag­ile lit­tle flower (dif­fer­ent from a spe­cial snowflake). And though I’ve writ­ten over thir­teen books (a pen name book, four novel­las and seven nov­els in Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror, two books in The Devil’s Series, and three in The Artists Tril­ogy), and have had my work absolutely bru­tal­ized, torn-apart, made-fun of, my skills and tal­ent skewed, etc, etc. I thought I had devel­oped a thick skin.

Well I have in the sense that I don’t com­ment on neg­a­tive reviews. And I do under­stand every­one is enti­tled to their opin­ion (after all, I leave bad reviews too). And one person’s opin­ion doesn’t mean every­one will feel the same.

But in the end, when I see that some­one doesn’t “get” what I’m try­ing to do, it can hurt.

I don’t like to hurt. Some­times you can push off the review — as I have been doing for two and half a years since I have been pub­lished — and say, well, dif­fer­ent fucks for dif­fer­ent ducks.

And some­times I can’t. Lately…whether it be stress from writ­ing or stress from this dark, dark indus­try (let me spin you a tale there, because whoo boy you have no idea how cut­throat and unsta­ble the pub­lish­ing indus­try is these days), I can’t NOT take things personally.

Look…I know this last book in The Artists Tril­ogy is going to dis­ap­point some peo­ple. They they won’t be happy with it. And yeah, maybe it’ll ruin the whole series for them.

But I ended the book the only way I knew how, the way I had planned from the very begin­ning. I knew how Bold Tricks would go when I started writ­ing Sins & Nee­dles, that is how I plot ALL of my books and series — way the fuck in advance. It’s the only way I know how to write. I dropped clues the whole time, I mea­sured out hints, I made sure that hope­fully some peo­ple would have an idea of what was to come. My char­ac­ters did stay true to the peo­ple that I knew them to be…deep inside.

I’m fuck­ing proud of the series and that book. Bold Tricks is my favorite book because I finally got to wrap things up and give it an end­ing I found fit­ting. I cried, I laughed, I swooned and I was fuck­ing high for days when I wrote THE END. Seri­ously. It was an AMAZING feel­ing I can’t even describe.

I real­ize MANY peo­ple will not agree with me. I know I have to let it go.

There are also peo­ple who will appre­ci­ate the vision — I got a four star amaz­ing review in PRINT for Bold Tricks in the Roman­tic Times Magazine…how cool is that?

Bold Tricks review RT Magazine Nov 2013

But it still stings when you can’t make every­one happy, you know? And peo­ple have their right to wish I had writ­ten an entirely dif­fer­ent book. I didn’t. But they can want that.

So really, the best thing is to keep away from the neg­a­tiv­ity and Goodreads. I’ll miss the good reviews here but I’ll also miss the bad. The point is I love the book and it told ELLIE’S STORY the way I meant for it to be told. Dis­agree with me all you want but…I won’t see it now. And I’ll prob­a­bly be a LOT happier.

That said, one of the great things about Goodreads is find­ing other books to read and leav­ing and rec­om­mend­ing books of your own. It’s hard to do that as an author because you see your own reviews a lot. So, I’m mov­ing over to Book­Likes. I already have a page there. I plan to use Book­Likes just to blog about the books I’ve read because I love doing that and hav­ing discussions…about other people’s work.

In the mean­time, I’m still on Face­book. I am on Twit­ter (see side­bar). And I’ll keep blog­ging here so peo­ple on Goodreads can still have it pop up on the feed. I’ve got more book announce­ments and cover reveals and give­aways and all sorts of things. And if you want to drop me a line, you can always email me at AuthorKarinaHalle@gmail.com

Thanks for being so great Goodread­ers for all these years!! Remem­ber, it’s not you…it’s me. And it’s just time for me to step away.