Sins & Authors — Interview with S.L. Jennings

Sins & Authors

It’s August 2nd (how the hell did THAT hap­pen?) which means the Sins & Authors inter­view #2 is here. Today we talk with S.L. Jen­nings, a fab­u­lously tal­ented lady (seri­ously I love her way with words) who recently became an NYT and USA Today Best-Selling Author for her book Fear of Falling. BIG con­grats to her!! I love, love, love this sassy broad.

And sud­denly I’m a 1940’s news­pa­per reporter…*cough* anyway…let’s start!

KH: What attracted you to Sins & Needles?

SL: I loved the orig­i­nal premise. It’s very rare that you find the main char­ac­ter, espe­cially a hero­ine, as the “vil­lain” or some­one that isn’t typ­i­cally vir­tu­ous. It was totally out­side the box & some­thing that, as a reader, I hadn’t stum­bled across before. Plus you gotta love the cover. I am a sucker for bad ass chicks with tattoos!

KH: Do you have any tat­toos? If so, Tell me about them, where are they?

SL: Oh God… is this inter­view PG-13? LOL I have 2 that cover my left thigh. It’s a cherry blos­som branch & Kanji sym­bols. I have an anchor on my right hand in honor of the Dark Light Series. I have my husband’s ini­tials on the inside of my left wrist. And three birds behind my right ear. The rest were done when I was very young & very stu­pid and shall not be named.

KH: I have an anchor too for my series! We shall be the best of friends, lol. Hey, your hero in your lat­est release, Fear of Falling, which has been scream­ing up the charts, has a lot of tat­toos. Can you explain Blain’s tat­toos to us?

SL: Blaine calls his tat­toos the roadmap of his life. He’s well-traveled and adven­tur­ous, and while some peo­ple col­lect sou­venirs, he col­lects art. And we shall def­i­nitely be best friends!

KH: Back to Sins & Nee­dles and The Artists Trilogy…are you Team Cam­den or Team Javier and why?

SL: Team Cam­den all the way! Is there any other choice? I love Cam­den because even though he may have done a few fucked up things, he’s still a good guy. And he truly loves Ellie. he risked his life time and time again for her. And I hon­estly believe he will step it up in Shoot­ing Scars and get his girl. I’m ready for bad ass Cam. Plus, how can you resist the tat­toos & glasses?

KH: Favorite sex scene in the book?

SL: That’s easy. Cam’s back­yard, him tak­ing Ellie from behind, while the steaks burned on the grill. As soon as he slapped her ass, I was DONE!
LOL, too much?

KH: Hahaha, not too much! NEVER TOO MUCH. Describe Ellie, Cam­den and Javier in one word

SL: Ellie– hurt
Cam­den– loyal
Javier– deceitful

KH: If you were arrested, what would it be for?

SL: With my luck, some­thing stu­pid. Like pee­ing out­side (not that I do that) or pub­lic inde­cency (not that I do that either).

KH: Lol. Why do you think Ellie, Cam­den get such a tough time from read­ers (Javier doesn’t count, because he’s insane)?

SL: I think because they are not the typ­i­cal ‘hearts & flow­ers’ cou­ple. They’ve both been through hell. They have pasts that still haunt them & they deal with those ghosts dif­fer­ently than some. And I get them. If I was in Ellie’s shoes, I’d do the exact same things that she’s done. Same with Cam­den. And that makes them more REAL to me. Some peo­ple don’t want real in their books. They want fan­tasy, which is totally under­stand­able. But for me to feel a char­ac­ter, for me to give them life, they have to be realistic.

KH: Okay, one more question…What are your hopes for Shoot­ing Scars (out August 20th)?

SL: I want Cam­den to go find Ellie and kill Javier. I want both Ellie & Cam to sur­prise every­one. I want him to get totally bad ass and I want her to soften enough to let him in completely.

KH: Me too. Let’s hope. I’ve been known for being sadistic…but as an author, I know you can relate to that!

S.L. Jen­nings
Bio: Author of The Dark Light Series & Fear of Falling. Her bio needs work. I would also add that she’s awe­some and swears like a sailor. She also lives in Ger­many and it’s sad because she’s so far away.