I have some bad news…

It’s not ter­ri­ble news…I mean, it’s not the worst news. Because, as you will find out very soon, this could be a LOT worse. But it’s bound to anger a lot of my read­ers out there.

I apol­o­gize but the release of Into the Hol­low is being delayed, hope­fully less than a month. I am now shoot­ing for a Novem­ber 13th release date — or some time that week.

There’s been some major life changes going on in my life over the last few months, tak­ing me out of my writ­ing mind-frame. Find­ing the time and the mind­set to write has been chal­leng­ing. I’ve also been unable to find the right edi­tor for this (the ones I love are booked up or I didn’t give them enough time…and NOW hope­fully I can!). AND, this is a big AND, I do NOT want to rush this book. I enjoy spend­ing time with Perry and Dex as much as the next per­son and I cer­tainly don’t wish to turn out an infe­rior book.

I know this comes as an annoy­ance and a let­down to, say, 100% of EIT read­ers (espe­cially being two weeks away) and again, I apol­o­gize. As sadis­tic as you may think I am, I really don’t like to keep peo­ple waiting…hence why I released Old Blood and The Dex-Files.…I wanted to give you SOMETHING.

BUT life some­times gets in the way and I’m deal­ing with a few health issues, as well as sell­ing my apart­ment, mov­ing to an island, buy­ing a busi­ness, pro­mot­ing my books, trav­el­ing for work…and other stuff that isn’t bad by any means, but it’s major and it has warped my brain more than a bit. Being an indie author is really, really hard work. It’s a one-woman busi­ness that can very quickly wear you down.

I thank you for your begrudg­ing under­stand­ing and hope I can make it up to you with an awe­some book in Novem­ber and maybe some fun stuff before then.