Why Barnes & Noble sucks, and other tidbits

Strong words, I know. How­ever, I must express how extremely dis­pleased I am with the com­pany as a writer and a poten­tial cus­tomer (cuz I could have Nook for all they know).

It’s been well over a month since On Demon Wings has been released. There is no sign of it on Barnes and Noble’s web­site. The way it is done for self-pubbers like myself is that I upload the books to Smash­words and they make it avail­able in their pre­mium cat­a­log. This goes for iTunes, Kobo, and other venues.

Well, On Demon Wings has been avail­able for a month now and The Ben­son has been up for a cou­ple of weeks (Red Fox will be there in about two weeks).

Both On Demon Wings AND The Ben­son are avail­able now on Kobo (here and here respec­tively and FREEEE), pos­si­bly iTunes, and of course through Smash­words. But Barnes and Noble, for what­ever rea­son because they never get back to me, has been refus­ing to put the books on their site. After all, I have the books in the pre­mium cat­a­log and it’s up to them to make them avail­able for Nook.

And they haven’t. Well, don’t you just suck B&N?

So I can only apol­o­gize on their behalf. I would upload the books through Barnes & Noble’s PubIt pro­gram HOWEVER it is not open to Cana­di­ans. Grrrrrr. Way to lose out on even more busi­ness, you douchecanoes.

Any­hoo, that’s that. If you’re a Nook user, you can get the books through Smash­words (you’ll need to save the epub file to your com­puter, hook up your Nook via USB and trans­fer them over…it’s really a rather minor incon­ve­nience). Oth­er­wise you can com­plain to Barnes & Noble…and I hope you have bet­ter luck with it than I have!

ON THE PLUS SIDE On Demon Wings (and your help) put me on this list for Best-Selling Self-published books along with Amanda Hock­ing and Kris­ten Ashley…woo hoo!!! Check it out here via GalleyCat.

In other news, I attended Bret Tay­lor (artist, friend, JD swiller, EIT cover artist)‘s art show — Metal Flake Remix — over the week­end. It was a lot fun, live art plus friends, drinks, more art…and we did an impromptu give­away for sev­eral copies of Dark­house. Yay! Fun stuff.

(Pho­tos by Cyn­thia Griffiths)

I think we are going to team up in the fall and have a joint art show/book release party for Into the Hol­low (EIT #6). We’ll make posters out of the book cov­ers and sign them, have lots of EIT merch for sale, have Perry and Dex tak­ing your coats, it’s going to be pretty awe­some. I’ll make the event pub­lic too, if any local looky loos want to say hello :)

Finally, my friend Can­dice (who makes amaz­ing cakes, who I will have make me an awe­some EIT cake for le party) and I were inter­viewed for an arti­cle in the news­pa­per about social media and work (me being an author, Can­dice being a cake­maker). You can take a look at that arti­cle HERE.

Have a great week everybody!