Finally, an EIT support forum

I’m back!

Just kid­ding. I’m not really. Still on my men­tal vacay which has been won­der­ful so far.…just let­ting myself be free of all stress and tak­ing deep breaths. It works. I’m feel­ing a lot bet­ter and I think I’ll feel even greater when this month is up.

Why? Well I’ve got that sur­prise for you, that hope­fully will be com­ing your way in a few weeks. And then I’m head­ing off on an epic 9-day road trip with me and my man down to Ore­gon. With­out even plan­ning it to be so, it has turned into the Perry Palomino trip. We’re stay­ing overnight at The Ben­son (where I have stayed before) in Port­land, and at some other point we are stay­ing just out­side Uncle Al’s place in the town on Man­zanita. Also, stay­ing in Seat­tle for a cou­ple of nights at my favorite hotel (the Moore) that’s a few blocks up from where Dex’s apart­ment is.

Weird, right? Weird and won­der­ful. Those nine-days are going to be filled with camp­ing, hik­ing, and lots and lots of read­ing. I can. not. wait.

Any­hoo, that’s not why I’m back on the blog. I came to inform you of two awe­some things!

One is that I’ve opened a Red­Bub­ble store for EIT mer­chan­dise (more will be added):

And the other is that the lovely Maryse at Maryse’s Book Blog has cre­ated an Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Sup­port Forum:

Go join HERE

A spoi­lerific zone where read­ers (who have read all books in the series thus far) can go and bitch and moan or cheer and swoon or what­ever over the series. You guys, I know this series isn’t easy at times and cliffhang­ers suck and man do you not under­stand _____ or ________ and you want to KILL that fuck­ing ____ but this seems like a great place to get it all out with­out wor­ry­ing you’re spoil­ing it for some­one. And, regard­ing cliffhang­ers, believe it or not but I’m not fond of them either. I just end the book where it nat­u­rally feels like it should end and it’s usu­ally it’s plot­ted out WAY (like, years) ahead of time. But I can tell you this much…Book #6 won’t have a cliffhanger like Lying Sea­son or On Demon Wings, so you can rest assured you won’t be left dan­gling. Now, of course, some argue that Dark­house had a cliffhanger so I’m sure it’ll still be hang­er­ish to some peo­ple but anyway…you won’t be mad, is what I’m say­ing. Or maybe you will be. YOURE SO HARD TO PREDICT.