Lying Season — Chapters 1 & 2 now online

It’s my 30th Birth­day today *cries*

OK, I’m over it. I’m spend­ing my day clean­ing the crap out of my apart­ment — how adult is that? (note this is about as adult as I get).

I received some pretty amaz­ing gifts for my bday (bot­tles of great wine, a PS3, Mastodon CD, etc) so I thought I’d turn right back and be gen­er­ous with you, my read­ers. Also, I did say the other day if I gar­nered enough inter­est through RTs and the like about my Lying Sea­son teasers, that I’d put the sub­se­quent chap­ters up.

Well, here you go — I kept my promise. Read Lying Sea­son (EIT #4) first TWO chap­ters right HERE.

And since it IS my birth­day and all, any retweets about this blog post would be GREATLY appreciated.

Cheers and happy read­ing!

OH and don’t for­get about The Ben­son — EIT #2.5 — a free novella you can down­load HERE.