Dex-Files Playlist

You can’t have The Dex-Files with­out a musi­cal playlist to go along with it. Since most of the chap­ter titles are songs, I thought I’d share them with you here.

- After School Spe­cial – Mr. Bun­gle (Since this song is fucked up, I’ve included Retro­ver­tigo after­ward — skip ahead to enjoy this one — also very fit­ting for the chap­ter)

- Spook­show Baby – Rob Zom­bie

- Even Deeper – Nine Inch Nails

- Big Dumb Sex - Soundgar­den

- But­ter­fly Caught – Mas­sive Attack

- She’s Got a Way – Billy Joel

- Stripsearch - Faith No More

- Dig­ging the Grave – Faith No More

- When Good Dogs Do Bad Things – Dillinger Escape Plan

- She Loves Me Not – Faith No More

- Maxwell’s Sil­ver Ham­mer – The Bea­t­les

- Mr. Self-Destruct — Nine Inch Nails

- Demon Cleaner/Bailout — Kyuss

(lol, looks like a few famil­iar char­ac­ters are in this one)

And you can lis­ten to most of these from the offi­cial playlist here:
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