Boston Author Event — recap

Despite the jet-lag (fly­ing from Seat­tle to Boston ain’t no quick hop), the sleep-deprivation (per­haps I shouldn’t have had all that wine at the hotel bar the night before the book sign­ing) and being totally out my league (watch­ing the big authors like Colleen Hoover and SC Stephens, I was kind of freak­ing out), the Boston Author Event was a com­plete success.

Yes, I was loopy and exhausted. Yes, over a thou­sand peo­ple had to wait in the frick­ing freez­ing cold for hours just to meet the authors. Yes, I ran out of books pretty much right away (I hon­estly didn’t think any­one would want to buy Sins & Nee­dles!). But man, was it fun.

Nat­u­rally it was great to meet fel­low authors I like and admire, such as Made­line Shee­han, E.L. Montes, Amber Lynn Natusch, Kendall Grey. It was just as good to meet the blog­gers I love such as Autumn from the Autumn Review, Aes­tas, Chris­tine from Cocaine and Cup­cakes, Megan from the Book Asy­lum (who helped put on the fab event), Kait from YA Vix­ens, Taryn from My Secret Romance, Sherre from Beck­oned by Books and more. But the BEST part was meet­ing fans, many who trav­eled just to see me, many whom I’d talked to before but never got a chance to meet, peo­ple like the EIT street team (Robin, Megan, Brenna and now Stephanie), Paula, San­dra, Jamie, Tressa, Nicole and count­less oth­ers. I also got to meet new fans, which was really cool. REALLY REALLY COOL.

The event was well-organized (albeit slightly chaotic) thanks to the vol­un­teers like Becky and Sarah, Mari­bel, Katie, Heather and more who were firm and tire­less with the bur­geon­ing crowd. Hell, they did a bet­ter job than some of the secu­rity team!

And I had the best table part­ner in the world, my fiance Scott, who fed me, gave me water, snuck me in Jack Daniels, han­dled the cash and man­aged to take a pic­tures of many of the peo­ple who came to see me. He even signed a book or two haha (for the Dex lovers).

So, with­out fur­ther ado, here are the photos…you’ll grow tired of see­ing my face after the third pic­ture lol (and watch for the awe­some Red Rum neck­lace Robin gave me!)

How AWESOME is this beau­ti­ful Sins & Nee­dles card she made me??