Pre-order NOW

So the Boston Author Event is com­ing SO fast.

There was a lit­tle sur­vey done ask­ing event goers if they were plan­ning on buy­ing books at the event and for what authors. My num­bers were pretty minus­cule (you guys are com­ing, right?) so I’ve decided to not bring too many books. I don’t want to look like the loser author with stacks of books that no one wants lol.

Then I thought of an idea. You can pre-order your books through me in the next week and I’ll bring have them there for you — reserved — at the event.

Just drop me an email at info “at” and we’ll get this arranged through Pay­pal. Paper­back copies at the actual event will be $10 (cash) but if you pre-order, they will be $8 — Pay­pal is the ONLY mode of pay­ment for pre-orders.

Another bonus of pre-ordering is that you can choose from the entire range of titles:

Dark­house, Red Fox, Dead Sky Morn­ing, Lying Sea­son, On Demon Wings, Into the Hol­low, And With Mad­ness Comes the Light, Sins & Nee­dles, The Devil’s Metal.

AT THE EVENT I WILL ONLY HAVE: Dark­house, Into the Hol­low, And With Mad­ness Comes the Light and Sins & Nee­dles and they will be in lim­ited quantities.

This pre-ordering busi­ness is ONLY for peo­ple attend­ing the event. I can not ship signed copies elsewhere.