Questions all up in here.

77Start­ing this off with ^^^ a dream come true. I’ve been self-publishing since May 2011, have TWELVE nov­els under my belt (includ­ing my pen name erot­ica) and have never got­ten this far. #77 in the Top 100 out of all Kin­dle books on Ama­zon. Thank you, thank you, thank you to every­one who not only bought Sins & Nee­dles but gave it a chance. And espe­cially those who loved it. It’s a per­sonal story to me and I’m extremely proud of it. And, I feel slightly smug to the cer­tain peo­ple who were sure this book wouldn’t sell (*cough* pub­lish­ers). Hell, you write what’s in your heart and you can’t go wrong!

Any­hoo, I thought I’d address some com­monly asked ques­tions I’ve noticed float­ing around.

1) What is the deal with the cliffhanger in Sins & Nee­dles? OMG HOW WILL I LIVE?? I’M GONNA CUT YOU KARINA HALLE!

EEEP! I don’t write them on pur­pose (though EIT fans may say oth­er­wise). I write the book the way it tells me it should be writ­ten. Some­times, it’s just where that story ends and usu­ally some­one gets some­thing wrapped up. If you’re Team Cam­den, you should be pretty happy…OR MAYBE NOT. Any­hoo, cliffhang­ers hap­pen and I will try my hard­est not to have one in Book Two, Shoot­ing Scars. But, you know, when you have a tril­ogy, it’s kind of hard NOT To have each book lead to the other…think about Lord of the Rings! At least you don’t have to wait a year like tra­di­tion­ally pub­lished books (AM I RITE?).…which brings me to ques­tion two…

2) When is On Every Street and Shoot­ing Scars com­ing out? April and July? I can’t wait that long!

You don’t have to. On Every Street (a pre­quel novella about Javier and Ellie back in the day) will be released in March and Shoot­ing Scars will now be released in May!

3) But what about EIT? Dex and Perry! We need more EIT books!

Come Alive (EIT #7) will be pushed back two weeks or so…so instead of a May 21st release it’ll be the first week of June. No big­gie! Plus you all get Dex (And With Mad­ness Comes the Light) on Valentine’s Day!

4) But what about the sequel to The Devil’s Metal?

Well, that’ not 100% up to me since the book was picked up by Diver­sion Books. But I can tell you Sage and Dawn’s story (oooh, sexy rock­star times in Europe…uh…with demons) will be writ­ten this year, and most likely pub­lished in the fall. Kind of  a per­fect book for Hal­loween, no?

5) I want to read Sins & Nee­dles but I have a Nook or Kobo…

Down­load your epub file from Smash­words! Super easy (they have an FAQ if you get stuck). Kobo and Nook can take weeks and weeks to get the books on their sys­tem, but Smash­words costs the same  - down­load HERE

6) I want Sins & Nee­dles paperbacks

Me too. They are com­ing, as soon as next week maybe, you’ll be able to buy from Amazon.

7) Will you sign them?

I’m ter­ri­ble at mail­ing books (as in get them in the mail, sign them, and then go to the post office), so prob­a­bly not. BUT I am try­ing to work some­thing out…they would be quite a lim­ited supply.

8) Sins & Nee­dles merch?

It’s com­ing, just need a few days to set things up…I’ve got to add the Twat­waf­fle hoodie/shirts to Red­bub­ble first, then I’ll think of some inter­est­ing S&N merch ideas…

9) I love the music in the book…do you have a playlist?

Yes, I am a huge music lover (music jour­nal­ist by trade…only rel­e­vant because I’m always try­ing to show the under­dog bands some love, like Guano Padano) and I always write to playlists. You can find mine HERE.

10) Ellie didn’t seem as good of a con artist as she said she was…meanwhile, Cam­den was always call­ing her by her full name. And Javier…what’s his deal?

Hmmm, funny how that can be some­times. And yes, Cam­den does use her name a lot…perhaps to remind her of who she truly is. And Javier? Well…you’ll see very soon…;)