What a week!

Not only did I release Into the Hol­low (which got to #128 on the Ama­zon Best Sell­ers list…nowhere near the Top 100 I wanted/wished for but it was pretty close) and you all left such stel­lar, enthu­si­as­tic reviews that made me want to cry (and I hate to cry), but.…

I moved out of my stu­dio apart­ment where I lived down­town in the city of Van­cou­ver for six and a half years and to an island. Salt Spring Island (close to D’Arcy Island haha). I’m now an islander, and my man and I have our cozy cottage!

There are deer every­where (photo taken from the bath­room win­dow downstairs)!

On Demon Wings got into the FINALS for the Best Hor­ror of 2012 from the GoodReads Awards! YOU CAN STILL VOTE - maybe I can win this thing?!

I announced I was releas­ing THIS book on Valentine’s Day

Ah, hell, let’s throw the cover in here too :)

I’m putting together a poll where YOU can all vote on what exclu­sive Perry and Dex scene you want me to write — for free — and I’ll release it around Xmas.

And Into the Hol­low made it to the #4 Best Sell­ing book on Smash­words! It’s the short­bus of best­sellers lists but, meh, I’ll take it!

OH and this is old news — three weeks old now — but in case you missed it, I dressed up as “Red Fox” and “Perry Palomino” for Hal­loween :D