To cel­e­brate The Devil’s Metal being on sale for 99 cents, I thought I’d share with you a poster that my cover artist Bret Tay­lor cre­ated for the band, Hybrid. It took a long time and was a true back and forth effort as I tweaked the char­ac­ters to what I needed them to look like.

I was going for that hand-drawn 70’s qual­ity that you found on many posters in the day. Bret came up with the won­der­ful logo and trippy ass background.

I’ve also got the Hybrid Molten Uni­verse album cov­ers too. I was going to release sound­tracks as a give­away and stick them in the pack­ages, but there wasn’t much inter­est in The Devil’s Metal as I had thought. BUT I may still do some­thing with them if the book takes off at some point or maybe around the time I release the sequel.

Any­way, here it is — the album design was totally based on Sage’s tat­toos :)