(Possibly) Great News!

So, by now you’ve heard that On Demon Wings was nom­i­nated for the GoodReads 2012 Best Hor­ror Award. And you know that I’m up against some pretty heavy com­pe­ti­tion in that category…most of the books are big names from big pub­lish­ers (which is why in my case, unlike most Acad­emy Award nom­i­na­tions, it actu­ally IS an honor to be nom­i­nated). You’ve also heard that if I make it to the finals, I will be releas­ing a spe­cial EIT scene for free, just as a thank you (oh and as vot­ing incen­tive, let’s not kid our­selves here).

(vote HERE)

Here’s the deal. The Semi-Finals for the award begin on the 12th, so I have to make it through the first round before ANY of this can happen.

Three Chances to Vote!

Open­ing Round: Octo­ber 30 – Novem­ber 11
Semi­fi­nal Round: Novem­ber 12 – Novem­ber 18
Final Round: Novem­ber 19 – Novem­ber 27

Then the finals begin on Novem­ber 19th. Which means that’s when I’ll find out if I’ve made it to the end. And if I do, I will not only release the free scene.…

.…I’ll release a novella! I’d love to do a free novella, unfor­tu­nately now that I write for a liv­ing, I can’t do that. Time spent writ­ing has to be able to put food on my table.

But it’s a novella you WILL love. It may mean Ada’s novella is get­ting pushed out of the way by a few months but that’s cool, right? BECAUSE

The novella will be The Dex-Files Part Two. OR as it will be titled: And With Mad­ness Comes the Light.

It will be a novella told from Dex’s POV and unlike the Dex-Files, it won’t be a col­lec­tion of scenes. It will explain from that last moment in Lying Sea­son, until the end of On Demon Wings, what was going on with Dex. His story of the months spent away from Perry. And YES it will include “that scene” dur­ing the exor­cism that all of you were so anx­ious to read :)

So there you have it peo­ple. I have ideas flow­ing, my cover artist on speed dial, I’m just wait­ing for Novem­ber 19th.

Of course, I can’t do this alone. I need your votes! Get your friends to vote, your fam­ily, your dog, what­ever. Get me to the finals at least and you will get your newest Dex-Files book in Feb/March of 2013! And remem­ber, I’ll need your votes again once I make it to the semi-finals on Mon­day (which I hope­fully will!)

Again, here’s the vot­ing link: http://www.goodreads.com/choiceawards/best-horror-books-2012#73801-Best-Horror

*dusts off hands*

Oh right, and in case you missed these tid­bits, Into the Hol­low is being released on Kin­dle and Smash­words on Novem­ber 15th for $3.99 (and for the last time, if you HAVE A NOOK you can DOWNLOAD FROM SMASHWORDS. It’s the same type of file, same price and you don’t have to wait MONTHS for Barnes and Noble to add it!!). Really hope you find that it’s worth the slight delay!

Also, The Devil’s Metal is just 99 cents on Ama­zon Kin­dle too: http://www.amazon.com/The-Devils-Metal-ebook/dp/B009EEOM4S/ref=pd_sim_kstore_6

(thanks again Heather for that Dex button!)