A sneek peek at Into The Hollow (EIT #6)

WARNING — the fol­low­ing is not suit­able for any­one who hasn’t read books #1–5 in the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series. What you are about to read is the first two chap­ters of Into the Hol­low. Chap­ter one is already at the end of Old Blood, how­ever, you don’t need to have read that book to read this (but it helps!).


Obvi­ously there are spoil­ers for those not caught up to On Demon Wings (#5)



If you’re think­ing of start­ing this series, don’t read this (but do start the series!)






Are you still here? Are you ready?





OKAY THEN. Keep in mind that this is UNEDITED — mean­ing, my edi­tors and beta read­ers and who­ever have not proofed this. THIS COULD ALL VERY WELL CHANGE. You will find typos…I am a ter­ri­ble self-editor.





But I just wanted to share. So here it is…









Oh right, the chapters…