I have some good news…

And by good news, I mean FUCKING AWESOME NEWS.

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Last week, just out of the blue, I was emailed by Scott Wax­man of the Wax­man Leavel Lit­er­ary Agency. He con­grat­u­lated me on my suc­cess (whut?) and said he’d like to do busi­ness with me.

Cue this emotion:

Smiley face


Then, think­ing it was too good to be true, I did some research on him to make sure he’s legit. Turns out, his agency has pub­lished such awe­some titles as:

–Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

–The Hex Hall Series

–Girls of Fire and Thorns

- Deadly Cool

- Defi­ance

- Hourglass/Timpeice

- Angel Eyes

- Shit My Dad Says

And he rep­re­sents Mar­tin Sheen.…MR. PRESIDENT!!

So then my emo­tion was:

Smiley face

Any­hoo, I’m pleased to announce to you that I, Karina Halle, am now rep­re­sented by Scott Wax­man of the Wax­man Leavel Lit­er­ary Agency. It’s funny because when I wrote the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series, I never queried any agents or publishers…I just wanted to self-pub (some­thing to do with impa­tience lol). So the fact that I now have one? WOW.…

Actu­ally, WOW isn’t good enough. This is how I’m feeling:

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

Smiley face

And even­tu­ally.…

Smiley face


  1. Susan Cross says

    You go, girl! They were smart to pick you up!

    Hurry, hurry with your new books. I’m on my third read of the EIT books, and just wait­ing for the next one. After try­ing to find some oth­ers as good, none of them grabbed me like your books do!

    I def­i­nitely think there should be a movie of this series! Maybe all of them!

  2. Gaia says

    Good for you. Yours are some of the few decent self pub titles I’ve read — indeed am still read­ing — that are well done (and not full of gram­mar and spelling issues, major kudos). Perry’s char­ac­ter is very well realised, I love that she is so ‘real and nor­mal’ despite her ‘gifts’, and your dia­logue isn’t forced either. Yes, I have reviewed some of your titles (favor­ably) on Ama­zon and I’m hon­estly quite hard to impress lol.

  3. Donna Hamilton says

    Well done you…you deserve it…i just love all your EIT books cant get enough of them…started read­ing them again in turn until your next book comes out.x

  4. Sharlaine Salas says

    Hi Ms. Halle! I learned about your books in a list (Best Indie YA/New Adult Books) on Goodreads. They are actu­ally at the top ten and being the curi­ous reader we all are, I read the sum­mary in Goodreads and I am like ‘Ok, Why didn’t I come across of this before?! Why just now?! ’ I thought the plot is excit­ing and I’m so excited to read your first book!! SQUEE. Then I got to your blog and read this post, CONGRATULATIONS! OMG! They’re the ones who pub­lished the hex hall series? COME ON! BIG TIME! You are so blessed, 2012 must be your year :)

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