A rose by any other name…

So, Twi­light has Twi­hards and Die Hard has…Diehards?

Any­way, I fig­ure since fans are mul­ti­ply­ing and it has almost been a full year since Dark­house was released, that Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror enthu­si­asts need a name! You’re all kooky, a bit dif­fer­ent, some are pretty main­stream, some aren’t but what you all have in com­mon is the Cult of EIT. But we need to call our­selves some­thing. And yes, I’m included because, lo and behold, I am a huge fan of Perry and Dex (SURPRISE!)

So I’ve asked peeps on the EIT FB page for some help and they came up with a load of fun names. Too many to choose from, actually.

I’ve nar­rowed it down to these ones below and hope you’ll vote and help me decide. The Top Three choices will all win ARCs of On Demon Wings. I’ll run this for 24 hours, so come back here at 2PMPST tomor­row to see who won!