Concert Photography

As I was perus­ing the inter­webs today, I noticed that Soundgar­den was mak­ing the news. And so was I. A few pho­tos I took from my gig as a music journo and con­cert pho­tog­ra­pher have been mak­ing the rounds here:

and here:

And man, do I love these pho­tos? My cam­era was always kind of shitty so I’m super glad these turned out well enough to be flounced around the world. Oh and I do love shoot­ing Cor­nell. :) I love talk­ing to him too, just check out this inter­view I did with him.

That top photo, plus the fol­low­ing two, also made it into Con­se­quence of Sound’s Best Pho­tos of the Year List!

If you want to take a look at some of my con­cert pho­tog­ra­phy, you can find them off of my arti­cles here or click this link to get a select few of my faves!