And now for something completely different


I’m a life­long lover of Monty Python so I’ve been dying to incor­po­rate them into a blog post. This works perfectly.

Because, really, now is the time for some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. I’m tak­ing an extremely short break from the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series to work on some­thing that’s a lot like the video. FISH-SLAPPING!

Actu­ally no, but it does involve rabid mon­keys and lots of laughs.

Back in 2004/2005 I wrote a roman­tic com­edy script called THE TRAVEL DIARY which then later became WANDERLUST. Which is now called Wan­dered, lusted because DAMN YOU JENNIFER ANISTON you stole my movie title (but not damn Paul Rudd, I could never damn you Paul Rudd). The script was mildly suc­cess­ful in attract­ing inter­est from pro­duc­ers but alas, the com­pa­nies that really liked the script could never afford to make it. The movie would have been set in Europe, on the Mediter­ranean to be exact, and that would have put it into a high bud­get bracket. Fac­tor in the rabid mon­keys and a big cli­max on a ferry and, well, who would take a risk on wee screen­writer like myself.

Fast for­ward to 2012. I’m in the midst of my delight­fully macabre but emo­tion­ally drain­ing Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series. I’ve plot­ted out Book #5, On Demon Wings, in detail and am ready to jump right in but.…but…

I’m not ready for it. It’s not going to be an easy breezy cov­er­girl book to write. It’s going to be emo­tional and scary and dif­fi­cult and I’m just not “there” yet. It’s a com­mit­ment I must make, of being a crazy per­son for the next few months as Perry’s story becomes my story.

So, while I plan to start ODW in a few weeks and attack it with guns a blaz­ing, I decided to start with an appe­tizer. An amuse bouche if you will (well, it is a-muse-ing, cue Chan­dler Bing).

I’m adapt­ing my script Wan­dered, Lusted into a novel. An adult con­tem­po­rary fluffy (but not too fluffy I’M STILL ME) funny roman­tic read. With heart. And a love­able main char­ac­ter called Chris Warner whom I am a bit in love with. And a girl-guy trad­ing of POVs. And a nice bout of escapism on the sunny Mediter­ranean. Ahh­hhh, just feel the sea breeze, smell the lemons on the trees. And it’s a stand-alone too, which is rare these days in the land of sequels and series (ahem, EIT 8 books).

Want more info? Here’s the offi­cial blurb:

The hol­i­day from hell just got ugly.

As if get­ting dumped on his vaca­tion wasn’t enough, British jour­nal­ist Chris Warner finds him­self stranded on the Mediter­ranean with a des­per­ate boss push­ing dead­lines down his throat and an uncer­tain future.

Enter Jamie Cooper, a free spir­ited and slightly unsta­ble travel writer whose arrival only seems to make mat­ters worse. All Chris wants is to get back to Lon­don, win back his ex and start climb­ing up the cor­po­rate lad­der. Unfor­tu­nately, Jamie has dif­fer­ent plans for him and the may­hem that fol­lows turns both their lives upside down and up again.

Wan­dered, lusted” is a rowdy roman­tic com­edy about two active yet aching char­ac­ters who embark on a jour­ney through hell, high water and a lot of wine, in order to find them­selves, each other and a mis­placed diary that holds the key to their happiness.”

This is going to be a fun lit­tle sum­mer fling before I set­tle down with Ms. Perry Palomino and Mr. Dex Foray. I’m still torn whether I should self-publish or seek tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing for Wan­dered, lusted, but I’ll let you know how it goes!