An interview. With yours truly.

If you haven’t seen this inter­view I did with For­ever Young Adult yet, here it is: CLICK MEEEEEE

It was a lot of fun, though I think I come off as a crazy per­son (note: I am a crazy per­son) and I’m not sure  how I feel about liv­ing in Toledo with Michael Fass­ben­der and our gag­gle of kids, but I’ll deal. I always do.

But I was glad to talk about the self-publishing route in an influ­en­tial YA web­site– yes, I’ve learned a lot from writ­ing Dark­house, not only has my writ­ing improved since then, I also hired a pro­fes­sional edi­tor for Dead Sky Morn­ing and Lying Sea­son. At some point, I will hire said edi­tor to give Dark­house and Red Fox a wee run through too, you know clean it up around the edges, tighten some prose, etc (I’m quite aware of my weak­nesses as a writer, and though I had many beta read­ers edit for me, it lacks the “pro­fesh” touch) but at the moment I’m just going to con­cen­trate on my cur­rent **Works-in-Progress (note: though absolutely nec­es­sary, edi­tors don’t come cheap). You learn as you go when you self-publish and I thank you all for stick­ing with me.

There’s also been this lovely review of Dead Sky Morn­ing in which Jenny pro­claims Perry and Dex have a whop­ping TEN on the Swoon­wor­thy Scale. You know the books may seem scary at first, but there is a whole lot of swoon­ing going on. I swear!

On that note, I’ve had peo­ple ask­ing if they can get the book at their library. I actu­ally believe you can. I mean, I did make Dark­house avail­able through “Libraries and Aca­d­e­mic Insti­tu­tions” so I think if you ask your library to carry the book (maybe using Title, Author and ISBN (found on the Ama­zon page here they tech­ni­cally should be able to order it in. Don’t quote me on that, but I did make it avail­able, so ask around! I’d be thrilled if Dark­house made it into a library.

If any­one, then, does suc­ceed with get­ting Dark­house in to a library, lemme know and I’ll send you a spe­cial gift!

**I’ll reveal the title and syn­op­sis of my cur­rent WIP as soon as I get 20% of it done — get­ting there. And of course I’ll let you know my progress with EIT #5, On Demon Wings :)