My favorite Young Adult website

Actu­ally I have more than a few favorites (and, really, I need to start updat­ing my links list here — man, hav­ing a web­site can really suck up a lot of your time), but one of my BIG favorites is the won­der­ful, fan­tas­tic, always hilar­i­ous, often witty and for­ever endear­ing, FOREVER YOUNG ADULT.

I’ve been read­ing their web­site for years now — long before I even wrote my first novel — so imag­ine my delight when, last year, Jenny from the web­site agreed to review DARKHOUSE.

Imag­ine my delight when SHE LOVED IT. I took a shot with this web­site, not know­ing if they would review my novel or not. I mean, it is tech­ni­cally self-published and I had encoun­tered so many review­ers who raised their noses at self-published books. But she took a chance and it paid off. For both of us! She has a new series she loves and I have a new fan. And I’m for­ever grate­ful for every sin­gle reader who takes a chance on my books. I under­stand the self-pubbed stigma, but just like indie music, just because it’s not on a major label, it doesn’t mean it’s not any good.

Last week, there was a fab­u­lous review of RED FOX — it’s hard to para­phrase their cute way of rating/reviewing, so a trip to their blog via THIS LINK should help.

And this Tues­day there will be a review of my third Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror book, Dead Sky Morn­ing, fol­lowed by an author inter­view on Wednes­day! I’m deeply flat­tered that I was asked to take part in an inter­view, join­ing the ranks of some really great, well-known authors. I mean, me, I’m just nobody really so it’s really grat­i­fy­ing and hum­bling at the same time to be fea­tured on their blog. I hope you’ll enjoy read­ing it — I get to play a game of MASH! *fin­gers crossed for Robert Downey Jr.*

Any­way, I’m sort of ram­bling. But I’m excited and just had to share :)