Lying Sea­son — the fourth book in the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series — has been released today. I’m absolutely enam­ored with the full cover, giv­ing a beau­ti­ful hint at the sex­i­ness, ghosts, chills and thrills that lie inside. Oh and INTENSITY. In my opin­ion, this is the most emo­tional, poignant and intense book of the series and my proud­est piece of writ­ing. So…take what you will from that.

So far it’s avail­able on Smash­words (in any e-format) with Kin­dle to come later in the day. I’ll keep you posted when the paper­backs are avail­able from Ama­zon (prob­a­bly in the next few days).

In the mean­time, you can read the first FOUR chap­ters HERE (what, the return of Uncle Al!) though I obvi­ously rec­om­mend that if you haven’t read the series, you start with DARKHOUSE (just $0.99) and work your way up.

OR you can down­load The Ben­son - an EIT novella — for free from Smash­words. Just click HERE for the Smash­words down­load in any e-format or read the PDF HERE (no down­load needed). It’s not the series but it gives you a wee idea of how the char­ac­ters of Perry and Dex work. And it’s free — free e-books rule.

I’m also work­ing on a give­away. A few months ago I cre­ated two excel­lent give­aways — my win­ners have been very patient, but I’m proud to say their merch has come in and will be on their way to them shortly. But I’m so in love with the EIT merch, that I want to host another one for sim­i­lar prod­ucts! Check ‘em out!

So stay tuned. I hope to have a Lying Sea­son give­away com­ing at you very soon :)