The Kindness of Strangers

To the man today who paid for my groceries,

I don’t nor­mally post these types of things here, but I gave you my busi­ness card with this web­site on it and per­haps you’ll see this. I hope you do.

Tonight I was remark­ing on how won­der­ful love is. How being in love and see­ing peo­ple in love, and lov­ing others…well, how is that ever a bad thing? It’s not. Love is good. It is kind. It is lovely. I thought the world needed more of it. I’m still right about that.

But you, good sir, you gave me hope that the world is at least not lack­ing it. Being a strug­gling artist and a moron at times, my bank card was declined while in line at the gro­cery store. The bill was over $60. The clerk already packed my bags. The line behind us was build­ing, peo­ple were impatient.

You were only buy­ing eggnog, yet you vol­un­teered to cover it. The whole bill. It made your eggnog cost $72.

I cer­tainly didn’t deserve it. You didn’t know me and you didn’t ask for any­thing in return, even when I insisted.

Love is all around. Indeed.

I hope only good things come to you. I have no doubt it will.

And I encour­age every­one else to pay it for­ward to some­one. I know I will be doing exactly that (donate that amount and more to the food bank). Do some good. Help some­one in need, big or small. Let’s show some love to each other, to our fel­low man. And keep that love going around and around.

Bless  you <3