Interviews with Karina Halle

How is everyone’s NaNoW­riMo com­ing along? Mines…eh, it’s get­ting there. My life got crazy turned around and busy as of late but I think things will be com­ing together. In fact, I will be fin­ish­ing up an Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Novella (#2.5) called The Ben­son and will be hav­ing that as a free e-book…so that counts for some­thing. Right? RIGHT?

Any­way, thought I’d throw up these two inter­views I did recently, a more lengthy one for The Van­tage mag­a­zine, and the other for Freado.

Read: Inter­view with Karina Halle @ The Vantage

Read: Inter­view with Karina Halle @ Freado (where you can win free books!)