Distractions, distractions, distractions…

I enjoy music writ­ing. I really do. But I am an epic pro­cras­ti­na­tor, which means I’ll put writ­ing my music work (reviews, arti­cles, etc) off until the last minute. Then I tackle them all at once (or over two days) and get it done. The prob­lem with this is the days lead­ing up to the writ­ing, the “I should really be doing this” is at the back of my head and dis­tract­ing me. Then comes the time to actu­ally write and I am left exhausted. Exhausted in the writ­ing sense. Because I have MORE writ­ing to do later…ie, my book. And I just can’t sum­mon up the men­tal energy to do it.

I’m really rather grate­ful that I don’t have a full-time writ­ing day job because I don’t think I could han­dle that. I’d be too burnt-out to write my own stuff by the time I got home. I know a lot of writ­ers who can deal with that sit­u­a­tion quite well and I say, hats off to them. Really. Take my hat.

The other prob­lem is that the inter­net is just too freak­ing dis­tract­ing. If I’m not approach­ing book review­ers or check­ing up on GoodReads or watch­ing sales on Ama­zon, I’m tweet­ing about an episode of Com­mu­nity (fort town ftw) or I’m blath­er­ing on Face­book or I’m beg­ging peo­ple to invite me to Google + (yeah, like I need ANOTHER dis­trac­tion) and what have you. In short, I wish I wrote on a type­writer, that dis­trac­tions were not just a click away.

So, I’m hav­ing an inter­net free week­end. At 5PM PST, I’m banned from going on a browser. Any browser. In fact, I’m dis­abling my wire­less so I won’t be tempted. So, no emails will be checked, no more posts will be made (and they all rejoiced mer­rily), no inane tweets will be tweeted. At least until Mon­day morning.

My hope is sim­ply this: TO GET SHIT DONE. I’m still about 30% in Book #4, Lying Sea­son, because I had to go back and change some things. I am still chang­ing these things. Perry was bug­ging me in lit­tle spots and I pin­pointed it to the fact that she needed to be more assertive and emo­tion­ally tougher. There were some scenes that, though they felt nat­ural, it just wasn’t right…and some aspects were mov­ing way too fast. No need to lay all the cards out up front…I’ve got 70% of the book for that.

I’ve also got, oh let’s say, 12 guest blog posts to write. Yup. Like I said, need to get shit done.

See you all on Mon­day, have a great weekend!